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Are You Willing To Try Something New?

Are you tired of struggling with school work or trying so hard to study without getting good test scores?

Do you find it challenging to complete simple tasks because you can’t concentrate?

Do you want to turn things around, find your confidence and become the best version of yourself?

If you do,  Ms. Peck is here to help you make your dreams come true


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Discover What You Want For Your Future

In this fun and engaging Smart Start Challenge, Ms. Peck uses lessons that help you; figure out your identity, help you focus, train your mind and body to get you on the right track to success.

The thing that makes Ms. Peck unique is her eternal optimism and ability to see potential in students when they can't see it themselves.  She specializes in helping students find their hidden magic and opens up new opportunities for a better life.

“When you know what the rules are and what you need to do to win, then it just takes practice to make it a reality.”

Kirsten Peck

Teacher & Author

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31 Days of Private Coaching

This is the opportunity for you to get personalized coaching with Ms. Peck, every day of the event. Simply pick your starting date and time for your daily Homeroom for Success.

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Smart Start Challenge Print Edition

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Weekly Group Coaching

Join the fun with Ms. Peck in the weekly Homeroom For Success. Mark your calendar for 7pm (EST) to meet every week and get the Handbook today by download!

Tuesdays in November - 

Thursdays in December - 

Sundays in January, 2023

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    Georgia Dupree

    Student 15 years old
    “Ms. Peck has such a good vibe, she makes me smile and feel confident. I loved the twist of the book and the Catalyst For Change project. Every day was something different but it all added up to a new outlook on life.”

    Nathan Walton

    17 years old
    “Ms. Peck shares the info that a lot of people need to hear. She’s real and tells you things you need to use in life every day. It’s the stuff that got missed in school or my parents never told me. My view of my future has changed after these 31 days.”