Smart Start Challenge Handbook in Paperback


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Study hard with little results?

Can’t concentrate?

Have you lost all your motivation?

Don’t give up.

Ms.Peck believes you can do better.

And she will prove it to you.

But you have to commit to your success.

This handbook is a great tool to take on your journey to a better you. 

It has 31 fun lessons.

They motivate and inspire.

You get to work with your strengths and weaknesses.

And learn more about yourself.

That is how you get better.

In this book,you will find:

  • how to find your identity
  • how to focus
  • how to increase study skills
  • how to train your mind and body


This handbook is packed with activity lessons that will help you understand the problems.

And work with them.

So, you become a better version of yourself.

There is always room for improvement.

Ms.Peck is a growth mindset coach with a mission.

To make YOU see that you are a star.

You will love this book because everyone deserves a coach like Ms. Peck.

She’s been helping teens to find direction, cultivate good habits, and think critically. 

Results include improved communication, better grades, and big career plans.

Invest in your future.


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