Teacher Empowers Struggling Teens With New Program

Teacher Empowers Struggling Teens With New Program

smart start challengeFebruary 6, 2021




For Immediate Release

Smart Start Challenge Handbook with 31 Days of Brain Training   ISBN # 978-0-578-807-49-2


The Smart Start Challenge is a 31 day personal growth workout – it is a new twist and solution to the problems many teenagers face. Presented as a competition, students explore their interests and improve their growth mindset with mini-lessons about life.


In Ms. Peck’s virtual classroom, it is possible to transform from under-achieving and unhappy to focused and motivated in just one month. This Smart Start Challenge helps students learn the importance of critical thinking and practice the skills necessary to have a rewarding future.


Written by a high school English teacher, the program is a mix of identity and values clarification combined with service learning, communications and problem solving skills practice. The activities include working on an important social issue to help students find their voice and vision of their future. As a “Catalyst for Change”, teens are empowered to get past any barriers and start building their dream life.


The handbook is self-paced (15+ minutes daily) with readers joining in Ms. Peck’s Homeroom for Success on the website SmartStartChallenge.com. Private coaching is available by appointment, use code “LAUNCH” for early bird pricing during February.


Teachers and youth group leaders are encouraged to host the Smart Start Challenge with teenagers who will benefit from in-person coaching or sharing ideas with peers. A Co-teacher Curriculum Guide and 25 copies are available as a package on the website for $575.  

Book Cover

Order today on Amazon – $24.95       https://amzn.to/39u0klw


Contact Ms. Kirsten Peck for Speaking Engagements  727-317-7254


* Over 1,000 students taught in middle and high school classrooms

* Licensed by the State of Florida, Department of Education

* Experienced with English Grades 6-12, ESOL K-12, Reading K-12 and Social Studies 6-12

* Highly-effective performance reviews     * TIF Grant for Teaching Excellence award winner



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